Skunk Works: Lockheed Martin’s super-secret weapons facility

Tech 09/07/21, 21:33

A desert hamlet in America's Aerospace Valley is home to one of the world's most secretive aircraft design and production programs. Skunk Works is covered with signs of work in progress behind huge gates topped with barbed wire at U.S. Air Force Plant 42 in Palmdale, about 62 miles north of ...

Afghan newborn delivered on US evacuation aircraft

Europe 08/22/21, 18:57

A major Air Force command confirmed a passenger gave birth to a baby girl aboard a U.S. military evacuation flight on Aug. 21. U.S. Air Mobility Command confirmed the C-17 transport aircraft safely arrived at Ramstein Air Base in Germany, carrying a tiny extra passenger. An Afghan woman went into labor while ...

Body of Afghan stowaway found in US Air Force landing gear

Middle East 08/17/21, 17:56

U.S. forces discovered human remains in aircraft equipment on Aug. 16. Crew members made the grisly find on the U.S. Air Force C-17 transport plane. They suspect an Afghan national was so desperate to flee violent Taliban fighters that he tried to make the journey in the landing gear compartment. Pilots first ...

Presidential candidate Joe Biden calls President Trump a ‘climate arsonist’ responsible for ‘hellish’ wildfires

2022 Campaign 09/15/20, 02:39

The Democratic Party's nominee for president blamed major fires on the Trump administration's refusal to endorse an environmental theory. Joe Biden has strangely suggested fewer severe natural disasters would occur if the Oval Office recognized higher carbon dioxide levels have a long-term impact on weather patterns. "[President] Donald Trump warns that immigration ...

Trump nominates aerospace executive for Air Force secretary

Politics 05/21/19, 20:51

President Donald Trump nominated an aerospace executive and former ambassador to Finland to be the next secretary of the Air Force on Tuesday. Trump said in a tweet that he has chosen Barbara Barrett, former chairman of The Aerospace Corporation, to replace Heather Wilson when she steps down at the end ...

McSally says a superior officer raped her when in Air Force

Politics 03/07/19, 02:34

The U.S. Air Force has apologized to Sen. Martha McSally after the Arizona Republican revealed that a superior officer raped her when she was in the service. McSally spoke about her experience Wednesday during a Senate hearing on the military's efforts to prevent sexual assaults and improve the response when they ...

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