UN report on CCP persecution of Uighurs confirms human rights violations

Trending 09/03/22, 13:33

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) has just published a report on the Uighur situation in China, which asserts that the CCP has committed "several" violations against their fundamental rights and those of other Muslim minorities in the Xinjiang region. The 48-page report was released ...

Afghanistan: Reliable report confirms Taliban executions, says UN

Middle East 08/24/21, 16:48

The United Nations (U.N.) Human Rights High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet, on Tuesday, Aug. 24, ascertained that the Taliban were committing crimes against Afghans, contradicting their claims of peace.  Speaking to the Human Rights Council, Bachelet said she had received “credible reports” that the Taliban were not following through with their public ...

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