Christmas typhoon leaves 28 dead, 12 missing in Philippines

World 12/26/19, 16:09

A strong typhoon that barreled through the central Philippines left at least 28 dead and 12 missing, and forced thousands to flee their homes, devastating Christmas celebrations in the predominantly Roman Catholic country. Typhoon Phanfone stranded many people in sea and airports at the peak of holiday travel, set off landslides, ...

Typhoon leaves 19 dead as Japan launches major rescue

World 10/13/19, 02:22

Helicopters, boats and thousands of troops were deployed across Japan Sunday to rescue people stranded in flooded homes Sunday as the death toll from a ferocious typhoon climbed to at least 19 with more than a dozen missing. One woman fell to her death from a rescue helicopter. Public broadcaster NHK ...

Tokyo area shuts down as powerful typhoon lashes Japan

World 10/12/19, 09:23

A heavy downpour and strong winds pounded Tokyo and surrounding areas on Saturday as a powerful typhoon forecast to be Japan's worst in six decades made landfall and passed over the capital, where streets, nearby beaches and train stations were long deserted. Store shelves were bare after people stocked up on ...

Typhoon may bring 31 inches of rain, strong winds to Tokyo

World 10/11/19, 06:19

A powerful typhoon is forecast to bring up to 80 centimeters (31 inches) of rain and damaging winds to the Tokyo area and Japan's Pacific coast this weekend, and the government is warning residents to stockpile necessities and leave high-risk places before it's too dangerous. Rugby World Cup matches and other ...

Super typhoon on track to drench Japan’s main island

World 10/10/19, 01:41

Japan is bracing for a super typhoon on track to hit central and eastern regions over the three-day weekend with potential damage from torrential rains and strong winds. Typhoon Hagibis has already caused cancellations of two Rugby World Cup matches that were to be played Saturday. Organizers canceled the England-France match ...

Pacific typhoon expected to lash Guam with gusty wind, rain

World 02/21/19, 13:49

A growing typhoon in the Pacific is heading toward the Mariana Islands and could lash Guam with strong winds, rain and surf this weekend.The U.S. National Weather Service in Guam reports Typhoon Wutip packs 100 mph (161 kph) winds and will continue to intensify through Saturday. The storm was about ...

4 survivors, 3 dead, several missing in Philippine landslide

World 10/31/18, 01:22

Philippine officials say rescuers have pulled out four survivors and three bodies but several more were missing after a massive landslide set off by a typhoon crashed down on two government buildings in a northern mountain province. Regional police Chief Superintendent Rolando Nana says at least 18 more people still are ...

Update: US Coast Guard reopens ports in Mariana Islands

U.S. 10/27/18, 16:56

The Latest on Super Typhoon Yutu that ravaged the U.S. Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (all times local):6:45 a.m.This combination photo of satellite images provided by DigitalGlobe shows Saipan International Airport on Saipan, an island of the Northern Mariana Islands, on Feb. 6, 2018, left, and Oct. 26, 2018, ...

Resilient islanders brace for long recovery after typhoon

U.S. 10/27/18, 01:02

Many people in a U.S. Pacific territory ravaged by a deadly super typhoon lost everything, but residents say they are resilient and must focus on the long recovery ahead.This combination photo of satellite images provided by DigitalGlobe shows Saipan International Airport on Saipan, an island of the Northern Mariana Islands, ...

US Pacific territory will need help to recover from typhoon

U.S. 10/26/18, 01:02

Residents of a U.S. territory in the Pacific ravaged by Super Typhoon Yutu are hopeful for help from the federal government as they dig out from damage including crumbled concrete houses, smashed cars and fallen utility poles.Used to riding out monster homes, about 50,000 people living in the U.S. Commonwealth ...

Northern Marianas brace for slow recovery after typhoon

U.S. 10/25/18, 01:59

It could be months before electricity is restored in the aftermath of Super Typhoon Yutu, which crossed the Northern Mariana Islands as the strongest storm to hit any part of the U.S.This satellite image provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) shows Typhoon Yutu east of Guam Wednesday ...

String of disasters exacts heavy damage, human toll in Asia

World 09/30/18, 22:03

A recent string of natural disasters, the latest a deadly earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia, have exacted a severe toll both in economic damage and human lives throughout Asia. The U.N. Office for Disaster Risk Reduction, or UNISDR, says up to 1.6 million people could be affected by the magnitude ...

Typhoon pummels Japan, flights canceled, trains shut down

World 09/30/18, 04:05

A powerful typhoon ripped through Japan on Sunday, forcing cancellations of flights and trains, including in the Tokyo area as authorities warned of strong winds and torrential rain.Farms and homes in Miyazaki on the southern main island of Kyushu were flooded as Typhoon Trami swept across southwestern Japan. Evacuation orders ...

What will life be like after Florence?

U.S. 09/19/18, 03:01

MIAMI (AP) — Thousands of people are still in shelters in North Carolina anxiously waiting to find out if they have a home to go back to. Heavy rains and swelling rivers are still a major concern as rising flood waters may affect communities barely touched by Florence. The storm ...

Philippine policeman: Villagers refused advice to flee storm

World 09/18/18, 07:29

ITOGON, Philippines (AP) — A Philippine police officer who tried to persuade residents of a mining camp to move to safety as a powerful typhoon approached said Tuesday they refused to leave, and a day later the storm triggered a huge landslide that buried dozens of people.

WHAT’S HAPPENING: Water will haunt Carolinas after Florence

U.S. 09/18/18, 00:52

MIAMI (AP) — Like hurricanes Harvey and Katrina before it, Florence will be remembered for unleashing a staggering amount of water over a vast area. The flooding unfolded just as forecasters expected, but many residents in the Carolinas still seemed caught off guard as they were plucked off a vehicle's ...

Hope fades in Philippines for dozens buried in landslides

World 09/17/18, 05:08

ITOGON, Philippines (AP) — Dozens of people believed buried in a landslide unleashed by Typhoon Mangkhut in the Philippines probably did not survive, a mayor said Monday, although rescuers kept digging through mud and debris covering a chapel where they had taken shelter.

WHAT’S HAPPENING: Rain, floods still in Florence’s forecast

U.S. 09/17/18, 01:13

MIAMI (AP) — The forecast for Florence has not changed, unfortunately: It's still raining, and rivers are still rising. All but one road in and out of a North Carolina city of 120,000 people are underwater or blocked by debris. Residents of inland communities who thought they were safe from ...

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