Antifa announces “targeted destruction” against Trump supporters on Jan. 20

D.C. 01/20/21, 18:18

The terrorist group, Antifa, announced that it would start riots in Washington D.C. on Jan. 20, targeting Trump supporters, corporations assisting the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), white supremacy, and fascism.  Antifa, a Marxist ideology, spreads its message using slogans like "targeted destruction" and "direct action," according to Breitbart of Jan. ...

Selective Censorship: Twitter Ignores Chinese Communist party’s denial of forced labor

China 01/15/21, 16:16

Twitter downplays Chinese Communist Party publications that deny the existence of forced labor in Xinjiang province. Amidst the controversial debate over content policies and widespread censorship, Twitter ignores publications that falsely reject the existence of forced labor on Uighur ethnic minorities, despite numerous reports denouncing this scourge. Hua Chuying, a spokesman for ...

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