Twitter censors Shakespeare quote tweeted by university professor

U.S. 04/23/22, 18:21

A new record of censorship on Twitter made headlines on April 22 when a tweet from a professor at the University of Nottingham, in the English Midlands, quoting a famous line from Shakespeare's Henry VI of Bard, Part 2, suddenly disappeared. Peter Kirwan was warned on Twitter for "abuse" for quoting ...

‘Social networks allow terrorists to thrive,’ denounces Parler CEO

U.S. 08/26/21, 00:33

The CEO of the expanding social network, Parler, during a television interview on Wednesday, August 25, was highly critical of the hegemonic social networks whom he accused of giving "free rein" to Middle Eastern terrorist groups, including the Taliban while continuing to censor representatives of conservative values just for not ...

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