Nearly 200 unmarked graves in Cranbrook do not surprise former B.C. chief Sophie Pierre

America 07/12/21, 03:04

Nearly 200 unmarked graves have been discovered at a former residential school in British Columbia, Canada's westernmost province. A First Nations community successfully used ground-penetrating radar to detect 182 additional unmarked graves outside the Kootenay Residential School at St. Eugene Mission in greater Cranbrook, about 386km (240 miles) southwest of Calgary. The ...

Group calls for bigger Seoul role in tackling TB in NKorea

Health 11/16/18, 00:05

A U.S.-based nonprofit group has called for South Korea to take stronger steps to fight a tuberculosis crisis in North Korea it says has worsened under strengthened U.S.-led sanctions over its nuclear weapons and missile program.Stephen Linton, chairman of the Eugene Bell Foundation, on Friday criticized Seoul's supposed lack of ...

Governments to discuss tackling tuberculosis at UN summit

Health 09/25/18, 22:31

Governments from around the world will gather Wednesday to discuss the persistent scourge of tuberculosis, which last year claimed more lives than any other communicable disease.About 1.3 million people worldwide died of TB in 2017. A further 300,000 people with both HIV and TB died in last year, according to ...

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