President Trump criticizes Supreme Court’s failure to block Democrats from accessing his personal financial records

New York 02/22/21, 23:49

America's highest court should never have allowed a political party to access private financial records, a former president said. Donald Trump expressed deep concern about the Supreme Court's latest decision against blocking the Democratic Party from using his personal financial information. "The Supreme Court never should have let this 'fishing expedition' happen ...

Half a million patriots watch Trump celebration in Florida

U.S. 02/15/21, 21:22

In West Palm Beach, Florida, Trump supporters organized a massive Presidents Day party for President Trump on Feb. 15. But no celebrations were scheduled for Joe Biden, while he received 81 million votes! The Florida rallygoers were shocked by President Trump on Monday and the crowd went wild. The Pro-Trump celebration in West ...

Trump supporters look out for each other, explain support for president

2020 Campaign 06/18/19, 12:30

Supporters of President Donald Trump lined up and camped out 40 hours ahead of the president’s Tuesday night rally in Orlando, Florida, to announce his 2020 re-election campaign. Supporter David Melony commented on the positive atmosphere among the supporters waiting to see the president. "Here it's great everybody is happy they're going ...

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