‘Angry’ Georgia voting official Gabriel Sterling orders President Trump to stop ‘inspiring people’ to challenge election result

2022 Campaign 12/01/20, 18:44

A Republican in the Georgia secretary of state's office directed the president to stop encouraging Americans to question the latest election result. Georgia Voting System Implementation Manager Gabriel Sterling is furious after learning President Donald Trump will challenge the November presidential election outcome to the law's maximum extent. Sterling did not wait ...

Disgraced former national security adviser John Bolton calls election fraud claims ‘baseless’ and ‘all blue smoke and mirrors’

2022 Campaign 11/16/20, 02:52

A disgruntled former adviser to the Trump administration slammed the Republican Party for challenging the outcome of the presidential election. Former U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton has ridiculed President Donald Trump simply because he is exercising his right to scrutinize the way votes were counted at the presidential election. "It is ...

Pennsylvania votes without ‘proof’ of being cast on-time: Still counted says appellate lawyer John Reeves

2022 Campaign 11/11/20, 02:46

Opinion Pennsylvania election officials accepted several postal votes without verifying whether they were mailed late, an attorney who specializes in reversing court judgments said. Reeves Law LLC believes the Trump 2020 campaign has reasonable legal grounds to challenge election results in the Keystone State because many postal votes could have arrived after ...

Michelle Obama accuses 71 million Americans of ‘supporting lies, hate, chaos, and division’ because they voted for President Trump

2022 Campaign 11/08/20, 23:07

A former resident of the White House showed poor sportsmanship after accusing everyone who voted for the incumbent president of being dishonest, hateful, chaotic, and divisive. Michelle Obama stunned Americans from all sides of politics after she demonized 71 million voters, who exercised their constitutional right to give President Donald Trump ...

Trump supporter convoy did ‘nothing wrong’ and FBI should hunt terrorists and anarchists instead says president

2022 Campaign 11/02/20, 03:25

A federal law enforcement agency should stop investigating President Trump's supporters in Texas and investigate serious crimes instead, the president said. The president expressed disappointment with the FBI after learning it is examining whether Trump 2020 campaign supporters broke the law during a convoy protest on the Interstate 35 Highway between ...

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