New finding: 55-foot-long Triassic sea monster found in Nevada

News 12/25/21, 05:46

On Thursday, Dec. 23, researches reported that they have discovered a 55-foot-long Triassic sea monster in Nevada. The ancient sea monster existed in the early days of the dinosaurs. Its species developed to enormous proportions in only 2.5 million years of evolutionary time. The new species was given the name Cymbospondylus youngorum ...

Three-eyed dinosaur shrimp resurface in Arizona after years of dormancy

Enviroment 10/08/21, 01:38

Hundreds of mini horseshoe crabs look-alikes emerged after the monsoon, a national park announced. The three-eyed creatures are called Triops, Wupatki National Monument introduced. They are, however, more commonly known by a longer name, dinosaur shrimp, for they have been around the earth even before dinosaurs appeared. Triops eggs can survive in ...

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