Surgeons declare healthy prisoners ‘brain dead’ before carving them up: Study concludes

News 04/13/22, 04:40

Medical specialists misdiagnosed patients as profoundly unresponsive and extracted their organs while still alive. This is the shocking conclusion researchers reached after completing a thorough investigation. The Australian National University recently published what is claimed to be the world's first study exposing the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP's) transition away from executing ...

Nurse sweetly singing to terminal cancer patient

Inspired Stories 11/06/21, 15:50

A story that touched millions of hearts in 2017, Margaret Smith, a 63-year-old cancer patient, was visited by Olivia Nuefelder, a nurse at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, who sang her favorite song to her with a loving heart before she died. Smith was hospitalized at VUMC due to a sudden deterioration ...

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