Summer Movie Preview: Capturing the essence of Elton John

Entertainment 05/02/19, 10:02

Sir Elton John gave actor Taron Egerton some unlikely advice for portraying him in "Rocketman": Don't do an impression. Sing the songs the way you want.It was a freeing, if unusual, bit of direction for a project about himself that John had been trying to make for seven years. But ...

Box office top 20: ‘Venom,’ ‘A Star Is Born’

Entertainment 10/08/18, 17:52

Sony Pictures' "Spider-Man" spinoff "Venom" and Bradley Cooper's acclaimed remake "A Star Is Born" fueled the best-ever October weekend at North American theaters.Both films debuted above expectations. "Venom," starring Tom Hardy as the comic-book antihero, opened with $80.3 million, according to final studio figures Monday.Sony's opening effort to create a ...

Review: ‘Venom,’ with Tom Hardy, is a manic muddle

Entertainment 10/03/18, 16:36

"Venom," starring Tom Hardy as a TV investigative journalist whose body is invaded by an alien organism, is a destabilizing mix of intentional and unintentional comedy that for better and worse returns the superhero movie to its natural state: camp.What makes Ruben Fleischer's first installment in the Sony universe of ...

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