Website honoring Tiananmen victims censored in Hong Kong

China 10/01/21, 18:15

An online museum that keeps the memories of the Tiananmen Square victims alive has accused Hong Kong officials of trying to cancel it. The museum has been inaccessible to Hongkongers in the city since Thursday, per Reuters. In a statement, the museum said the culprit behind the blockage was trying to "erase historical memory." The museum ...

Hong Kong crowd rebels against CCP commemorates Tiananmen anniversary

China 06/05/21, 18:12

Dressed in mourning clothes, holding flowers and candles, and waving cell phone flashlights, Hong Kong residents found ways to commemorate the Tiananmen massacre on its 32nd anniversary during the day on Friday. Despite Chinese regime bans and police warnings that implemented a massive deployment in the city. Hundreds of police officers ...

President Trump warns China against ‘another Tiananmen Square”

U.S. 08/19/19, 14:01

President Donald J. Trump on Sunday afternoon took a tougher stance on China than he did on social media. The president issued a stern warning to China that any trade deal would not be possible if the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) turned Hong Kong into “another Tiananmen Square” massacre. Speaking to reporters ...

Hong Kong situation very different from 1989 June 4 event

China 08/14/19, 17:45

Chinese state-controlled media released footage displaying armored carriers and other vehicles from the People's Armed Police of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) traveling toward the Hong Kong border. The footage provided by state-owned Chinese tabloid newspaper, Global Times, displayed a convoy of armored fleet traveling from Fujian Province to the city ...

Former Chinese Premier Li Peng, ‘Butcher of Beijing,’ dies at 90

China 07/23/19, 18:37

Li Peng, the former Premier of China, known for declaring martial law and calling in China’s military to suppress pro-democracy demonstrators in Tiananmen Square in 1989, has died at age 90. The Tiananmen Square massacre of June 4, 1989, which earned Li the nickname “Butcher of Beijing,” gave much of the ...

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