Use the ancients’ wisdom to reap blessings

Culture 03/06/19, 10:34

During the Three Kingdoms Period (25 AD-220 AD) in China, Wang used to be the Prince's mentor and an excellent father figure to his children. These are some of the wise teachings he passed down to them and to other young scholars:  Help those in need, respect your elders, be honest ...

Zhuge Liang’s insatiable appetite for learning (Video)

Culture 10/11/18, 09:15

Zhuge Liang, (181-234 AD), is a great historical figure who lived during the Three States Period. When he was young, Zhuge Liang’s teacher, Sir Shuijing, lived a reclusive life in the Village of Shuijing. Sir Shuijing kept a rooster that would strut about in his yard. Everyday at noon, the rooster would ...

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