Couple calls Dream Center ‘hospital for lost souls’

California 10/12/18, 23:41

The halls of the once-dormant Al Price State Juvenile Correctional Facility smell of cleaning solution as busy volunteers prepped for an open house, wiping down forgotten windows and stocking shelves of food for the hungry. The 57-acre property on U.S. 69 has been renovated by a California couple into “a hospital ...

Texas school ratings must not mislead

Texas 10/02/18, 08:47

It could be time for a re-test. A recent review of Texas public schools by Hearst Newspapers revealed serious discrepancies between the rankings given to state schools and the actual performance of their students in college.At two-thirds of the highest-rated schools, most students fail to score high enough on the ...

Chemical plants need fair safety guidelines

Texas 10/01/18, 09:20

The state response to the tragic explosion of a fertilizer plant in West, Texas, five years ago has been to mostly ignore it. The last thing this industry needs now is a similar attitude from the federal government. But a provision in the current farm bill in Congress could exempt ...

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