Supreme Court allows Texas ‘heartbeat’ abortion law to proceed

News 09/01/21, 02:42

The Supreme Court late on Tuesday, Aug. 31 handed down their decision to have Texas adopt its abortion ban as soon as September 1 despite calls from some abortion providers to block it. The law, Senate Bill 8, targets abortions when the embryo has shown a heartbeat, or typically six weeks ...

Texas Supreme Court agrees with GOP Gov. Greg Abbott on no mask mandate

Texas 08/16/21, 02:53

The Texas Supreme Court removed a temporary restraining order on a Republican governor's directive that masks should be worn voluntarily on Aug. 15. This decision temporarily prevents the lower court in Bexar and Court of Appeals in Dallas County from implementing a mask mandate they introduced two days earlier, according to ...

GOP Texas House speaker issues arrest warrants for 52 state Democrats

D.C. 08/11/21, 17:10

Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan (R) signed civil arrest warrants for Democrats who refuse to return to their duties in Austin. The speaker accused the group of interrupting GOP efforts to pass election reform legislation in the Lone Star State. The move came after the Texas Supreme Court ruled law enforcement ...

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