UN criticizes Texas pro-life law for ‘opposing its gender politics’

Texas 09/10/21, 16:29

Several United Nations Human Rights 'experts' harshly condemned the Texas government this week for protecting the human rights of babies in the womb through its new heartbeat law. They argue that unborn babies should not be considered human beings and that the law runs counter to the gender policies promoted ...

GoDaddy de-platforms Texas pro-life watchdog group’s website

Texas 09/06/21, 16:39

GoDaddy, the domain hosting behemoth, is de-platforming a website owned by Texas Right to Life that allows users to report violations of the Lone Star State's new pro-life statute, which protects babies with beating hearts from being aborted. In an email to the New York Times and The Verge, a GoDaddy ...

GOP leaders want to replicate Texas abortion ban in other states

Texas 09/03/21, 18:36

Different Republican leaders and conservative groups applauded Texas's new pro-life "Heartbeat" law. They are now preparing to introduce similar bills in different states. A majority of Republican states passed increasingly stringent limits on abortion procedures in recent years. Republicans previously resorted to various legal strategies to find new ways to remove ...

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