Report: Texas to lose billions if new major storm hits coast

Texas 05/26/19, 08:57

Housing sales in Texas would drop, gasoline prices would increase and the state would lose hundreds of billions of dollars in economic output if another major storm struck an unprotected coastline, according to a new study.The joint economic impact study by Texas A&M University at Galveston and the Texas General ...

Competing cemetery proposals could impact Alamo plans

Texas 04/13/19, 09:04

Two competing requests to designate the Alamo in San Antonio as a Historical Texas Cemetery could change how the mission is remembered.The Texas General Land Office wants to have the Alamo church listed as a historic Texas cemetery, citing the names of three people buried there nearly a century before ...

Officials offer plan to protect Texas from hurricanes

Texas 10/26/18, 18:25

State and federal officials on Friday recommended a plan to protect the Texas coast from hurricanes — particularly the Houston area — with a barrier system made up of floodwalls, floodgates and seawall improvements that could cost up to $31 billion and offer storm surge protection for the largest petrochemical ...

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