Tennessee high court rules for reporter in defamation suit

U.S. 03/13/19, 17:59

The Tennessee Supreme Court on Wednesday expanded protections for reporters by ruling they can only be held libel for defamation if their reporting is not fair and accurate, regardless of their personal feelings toward a subject.Nashville District Attorney Glenn Funk sued investigative reporter Phil Williams for defamation in 2016, arguing ...

Tennessee Supreme Court hears lethal injection arguments

U.S. 10/03/18, 00:27

With an execution scheduled for next week, 32 death row inmates in Tennessee are asking the state's high court to declare Tennessee's lethal injection method unconstitutional.In arguments before the court on Wednesday, inmates' attorney Kelley Henry said that "unassailable science" shows Tennessee's latest three-drug cocktail will cause excruciating pain.Referencing the ...

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