Youtuber finds two missing Tennessee teenagers while scuba-diving

U.S. 12/15/21, 08:20

A YouTuber who found a missing automobile while scuba diving, helps reopen the case of two missing Tennessee teenagers after two decades. According to investigators, Jeremy Beau Sides accidentally saw a 1998 Pontiac Grand Am at the bottom of the Calfkiller River near Sparta by chance in November. Erin Foster and Jeremy ...

22 dead, dozens missing after flash flood in Tennessee

U.S. 08/23/21, 16:00

Record-breaking rain caused floodwaters to surge across Middle Tennessee on Aug. 21. At least 22 people are dead with dozens still missing. "Things are moving fast, and we are finding people left and right," Humphreys County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Rob Edwards said according to the New York Post. The National Weather ...

Protests erupt in US against forced vaccinations and mandatory masks in schools

U.S. 08/12/21, 19:42

This week, protests erupted in several U.S. states against left-leaning agendas that have been implemented in school districts, such as mandatory facemasks, gender ideology, and critical race theory, Fox News reported. Parents of students are becoming increasingly critical of this agenda, as they fear these policies could harm their children. Earlier this ...

Tennessee: Bill passed to ban critical race theory in public schools

U.S. 05/06/21, 20:46

The Tennessee State House has voted to pass a bill banning the teaching of controversial critical race theory in public schools. The theory comes from the radical left and seeks to impose the idea that America is hopelessly rooted in racism from its history and constitution. The bill was approved by ...

Tennessee Volkswagen plant rejects unionization

U.S. 06/14/19, 21:25

Workers at Volkswagen's plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee, voted Friday night against forming a factory-wide union, handing a setback to the United Auto Workers' efforts to gain a foothold among foreign auto facilities in the South.The vote of hourly workers began Wednesday and concluded Friday. Preliminary results show 833 employees voted ...

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