An outbreak in Beijing causes PCR testing overload

News 11/20/22, 15:46

The Chinese Communist Party just issued 20 measures to optimize pandemic restrictions. And then Beijing canceled mass COVID testing. However, the COVID-19 virus continues to attack, making it difficult for people to find places to take nucleic acid tests. Many pandemic workers were infected and all had to quarantine. Many ...

The government forces people to revolt? Hunan uses armored police cars

Trending 11/18/22, 15:05

Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province has implemented strict pandemic measures for the entire area for more than two weeks and the urban village of Chengzhong in Haizhu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province has been locked down for nearly a month. People are increasingly impatient with the "don't step out of the ...

Kindergarten students are injured, by teacher

Social problem 09/17/22, 15:22

Social morality in China is deteriorating, child abuse cases are frequent in kindergartens and nursery schools across China. A few days ago, a kindergarten teacher in Yantai City was found abusing children by cutting the skin between a child's upper lip and gums with scissors. Huanqiu newspaper reported that at ...

Under National Security Law, Hong Kong education lose 4,500 students

China 12/05/21, 14:37

According to Deutsche Welle's report, the wave of dropping out of school in Hong Kong has attracted the attention of foreign media. A wave of migration broke out in Hong Kong when the "National Security Law" was enacted, and the consequences are constantly looming. According to a newly published research report, ...

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