Taxes, safety and freedom: Reasons why people are leaving Democratic states

U.S. 12/23/21, 04:29

Data from the U.S. Census Bureau 2021 reveals that, during 2021, more people moved from Democrat-run states to those governed by Republicans due to the rising cost of living, insecurity, and pandemic mitigation measures. Washington DC, which is not a state, lost almost 3 percent of its population from April of ...

Biden admin proposes reporting customer bank accounts to IRS, faces protests 

U.S. 09/22/21, 16:36

The Biden administration has released a proposal to empower the IRS to monitor transactions going into and out of personal and business bank accounts, raising concerns about Americans' right to privacy. Accordingly, banks would be required to turn over to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) detailed information on all deposits and ...

Trump promises further tax cuts for the middle class

2022 Campaign 10/14/20, 19:38

The president of the United States gave a speech from the White House Rose Garden on Wednesday, Oct. 14, to the New York Economic Club and promised a tax cut that will benefit the middle class and businesses, Fox News reported. "We are going to be cutting taxes further, and that ...

‘She represents the worst in politicians’: Investor Leon Cooperman harshly criticizes Democrat Elizabeth Warren

Politics 11/15/19, 00:43

Renowned investor Leon Cooperman harshly criticized Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.). "She represents the worst in politicians," said the president and CEO of Omega Advisors. Cooperman's statements came after Warren posted a video on Twitter discrediting several financiers. Indeed, in addition to Cooperman, the film titled "Elizabeth Warren Stands Up To Billionaires" is ...

Paying Taxes Makes You a More Conscious Citizen

Opinion 11/08/18, 03:44

In describing the GOP tax cuts, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said that they and bonuses American workers were getting were “crumbs.” They were “tax cuts for the rich.” Some argued that the tax cuts would reduce revenues. Pelosi predicted, “This thing will explode the deficit.” How about some tax ...

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