China denounces US delegation visit to Taiwan

China 03/03/22, 11:04

A delegation of former senior U.S. defense and security officials, led by former Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mike Mullen, visited Taipei on Tuesday, March 1 at 4:13 PM. China later denounced the visit. This is a concrete move by the U.S. to demonstrate its firm security commitment to Taiwan, especially ...

France condemns any efforts to ‘break the status quo’ in Taiwan

China 02/22/22, 13:14

In a written interview with Nikkei Asia, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said that Paris is "very keen to act to prevent any conflict," given the importance of the stability of the Taiwan Strait to the security of the Indo-Pacific region. Le Drain said: "We condemn any attempt to undermine ...

EU to deepen relationship with Taiwan amid China’s provocation

China 02/20/22, 19:33

The European Parliament passed two security policies on Thursday, Feb. 17, including clauses supporting Taiwan's effective involvement in international organizations and calling for peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait. CNA reported the parliament passed the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) in a 474-113 vote with 102 abstentions, while the ...

President Tsai Ing-wen: Taiwan will ‘stride out’ into the world

China 01/31/22, 14:09

In a short pre-recorded video, Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen expressed gratitude to democratic nations for supporting Taiwan in the Lunar New Year message on Sunday, January 30th. Tsai stated that Taiwan would "stride out" into the world. Tsai said, "I want to especially thank all democratic partners for their support of ...

Survey: The majority of Americans want US military to protect Taiwan

China 01/25/22, 13:25

About 58% of the US voters of all parties believe that the Biden administration should use US military power to protect Taiwan against aggression from China. The poll was carried out in mid-January by the Trafalgar group which has headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. This group has accurately predicted the result of ...

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