Taiwan investigates speed skater’s words and actions at Beijing Winter Olympics

China 02/21/22, 12:55

On Feb 19, Taiwan Premier Su Tseng-chang asked the Education Ministry and the Sports Administration to investigate the inappropriate words and actions of Taiwan's speed skater Huang Yuting during her participation in the Beijing Winter Olympics. Su's office said the premier believed Huang's actions were "extremely inappropriate" and has also ...

Chinese regime threatens ‘drastic measures’ if Taiwan moves toward independence

China 12/29/21, 14:50

The Chinese regime is warning of "drastic measures" if Taiwan moves toward independence, asserting that Taiwan's provocations and external meddling could intensify in 2022, a Beijing official said Wednesday.  During a press briefing, Ma Xiaoguang, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) spokesman for the Taiwan Affairs Office, said that China is willing to ...

China triggered as US invites Taiwan to democracy summit

Washington 11/25/21, 04:32

Beijing became agitated upon learning that the Biden administration has invited Taiwan to attend its virtual democracy summit scheduled next month.  The Summit for Democracy listed 110 world participants on Tuesday, Nov. 23, who would gather together on Dec. 9 and 10 to discuss authoritarian forces, corruption, and human rights issues.  China ...

China sends persecution warning to hardcore supporters of Taiwan independence

China 11/05/21, 23:38

The Taiwan Affairs Office of China on Friday, Nov. 5, made its first public warning of heavy consequences to supporters of Taiwan independence.  The department declared that those who appeared on the "stubbornly pro-Taiwan independence" blacklist of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) would be liable to criminal charges as heavy as ...

Tsai to Xi: ‘Nobody can force Taiwan’ to take China’s laid out path

China 10/12/21, 05:52

As the island celebrates its National Day, Taiwan's president, Tsai Ing-wen, has vowed not to give in to China's rising military threats. "We ... will not act rashly, but there should be absolutely no illusions that the Taiwanese people will bow to pressure," Tsai said during her speech on Sunday, Oct. ...

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