Chinese fighter pilot raises middle finger when approaching Canadian plane

Insights 06/03/22, 12:33

According to Canada's Global News, senior officials in the government have growing concern over Chinese pilots' recklessly escalating hostility in the Asia-Pacific region. According to sources of Canadian forces and the federal government, Chinese jets often "buzz" Canadian surveillance planes in the United Nations' mission in international waters.    It's revealed that a ...

Chinese jets enter Taiwan’s airspace while Russia and Ukraine are at war

China 02/25/22, 15:57

The President of Ukraine declared a state of war across the country after Russia deployed ground forces and airforce to this country. When the international situation was tense, the Chinese joint planes harassed the southwest airspace on Wednesday, February 23, marking the 12th intrusion this month. According to the broadcast and ...

Chinese military aircraft infiltrated Taiwan ADIZ, again

China 12/13/21, 02:28

Taiwan's Defense Agency said 13 Chinese military aircraft entered the air defense identification zone (ADIZ) southwest of Taiwan on Dec. 10, as reported by Focus Taiwan.  The aircraft were divided into two groups and took turns to invade the island's ADIZ. The first intrusion consisted of two H-6 fighters and one ...

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