Iran defies US blockade and triples its oil exports

Middle East 04/29/20, 12:54

Tanker Tracking reported that Iran tripled its oil deliveries to Syria, defying export restrictions imposed by the United States and the European Union. Tanker Tracking satellite-tracked the large tanker that left Iran and docked at the Port of Baniyas in Tartous ...

Israeli airstrike kills Islamic Jihad commander in Gaza home

Asia & Pacific 11/12/19, 06:12

A pair of Israeli airstrikes targeted senior Islamic Jihad commanders in Gaza and in Syria early on Tuesday, escalating Israel's confrontation with Iran across the region and threatening to unleash another devastating round of cross-border violence with Palestinian militants. In eastern ...

Timeline of the rise and fall of the Islamic State group

World 10/27/19, 07:09

ISIS erupted from the chaos of Syria and Iraq's conflicts and swiftly did what no Islamic militant group had done before, conquering a giant stretch of territory and declaring itself a "caliphate." Its territorial rule, which at its height in 2014 ...

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