Former acting DNI Richard Grenell: ‘President Susan Rice is doing a great job’

U.S. 03/07/21, 09:41

Former Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice has been appointed to lead the White House Domestic Policy Council in the Biden administration, but former acting Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Richard Grenell suggested that she actually is the commander in chief.  “President Susan Rice is doing a great job,” Grenell told Newsmax's “The ...

Susan Rice sells Netflix stock as Joe Biden’s 2020 VP pick draws closer

U.S. 08/08/20, 05:53

Susan Rice, a former national security adviser who is now a top contender to become presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's running mate, sold shares in Netflix worth more than $300,000. According to an SEC filing late Thursday, Aug. 6, Rice, who has been on the Netflix board since 2018, sold ...

Susan Rice diverts attention from Chinese regime’s responsibility for CCP Virus

U.S. 04/01/20, 11:38

Former President Barack Obama's former National Security Adviser Susan Rice sought to divert attention from the Chinese regime's responsibility for the worldwide spread of the CCP Virus. Rice attacked the Trump administration for mentioning Wuhan, China, as the birthplace of the virus that has caused thousands of deaths every day around ...

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