Chinese regime targeting foreign journalists and students who are ‘suspicious persons’

Tech 11/29/21, 15:46

The Chinese Communist Party's (CCP's) marked hostility toward foreign journalists now includes students and is further accentuated in Henan province, where officials acquired a surveillance system that tracks them as "suspicious persons." The system features at least 3,000 facial recognition cameras integrated with various national and regional databases, according to Reuters ...

Europe scrutinizes China’s surveillance cameras over security risks

China 10/11/21, 17:28

China’s surveillance technology company Hikvision is facing fresh scrutiny in Europe, where its high-tech cameras are criticized for posing security risks. According to Politico, a security researcher has found a glitch in Hikvision's cameras that "permits an attacker to gain full control of the device," and concluded that the products had "the highest ...

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