Chinese schools deploy facial recognition system

Uncategorized 02/25/22, 16:32

Since 2019, Chinese schools have been implementing facial recognition systems, and parents have complained that the technology jeopardizes their children's privacy. According to the Shanghai-based Sixth Tone media source, a parent named Tan filed a complaint with the Badong County administration after a local middle school forced children to use facial ...

Report: China is using social media to mine data on Western targets

Tech 01/02/22, 16:47

According to The Washington Post, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is harvesting masses of data from social media such as Twitter and Facebook to equip its government agencies, military and police with information on Western targets. The Post made such a conclusion on China's mining of Western social media after it ...

1.8 TB of police aerial surveillance footage leaked online

U.S. 11/07/21, 00:36

This week, a data transparency group published a massive load of police helicopter footage on Friday, Nov. 5, exposing how lousy law enforcement handles sensitive information regarding civilian privacy. The 1.8 TB of aerial footage was released online by activist group Distributed Denial of Secrets, or the DDoSecrets Wired reported. According to ...

CCP spies on Americans using Caribbean phone companies, expert claims

China 12/16/20, 16:06

A report published in The Guardian by cybersecurity expert Gary Miller accuses the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) of using cellphone networks from the Caribbean islands to carry out surveillance operations on U.S. cellphone subscribers. The report explains how these surveillance operations are carried out through simple signaling transmissions that are part ...

Chinese regime to install giant surveillance system in Argentina

South America 07/06/19, 14:34

The northern province of Jujuy in Argentina signed a contract—for $30 million—with the Chinese technology company ZTE for a complex surveillance system that will make the streets "safer" according to Ekel Meyer, the province's security minister. Considering the claims by various countries for possible espionage threats by China's main technology companies, ...

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