Kimberly Guilfoyle, Eric Trump and allies subpoenaed for Jan. 6 probe

D.C. 01/18/22, 23:44

A TV celebrity, the son of the previous president, and others were summoned to a federal inquiry. The House Select Committee to Investigate the Jan. 6 Attack recently subpoenaed Kimberly Guilfoyle, Eric Trump, and various Trump allies. Committee members are widely expected to question Guilfoyle, a former Trump adviser, and her telephone ...

Secret Jan. 6 subpoenas dangerously invade privacy says author Jonathan Turley

D.C. 09/01/21, 16:48

An American author and legal scholar is alarmed at the number of subpoenas Democrats drafted, particularly for Republicans, concerning the Capitol riots in Washington on Jan. 6. "The Democrats's move to investigate members of the opposing party is a dangerous precedent in an institution that has always protected the privacy and ...

Kellyanne Conway defies House Oversight Committee subpoena

U.S. 07/16/19, 05:13

The White House asked Kellyanne Conway, who serves as counselor to President Trump and was Trump’s campaign manager during the 2016 election, not to testify before a House Oversight and Reform committee on Monday, July 15. The House Oversight Committee had subpoenaed Conway to answer questions in response to the committee’s ...

New York District judge rules to allow Congress access to Trump’s bank records

U.S. 05/22/19, 20:48

While Democrats eager to investigate President Trump’s financial records have struggled to win cooperation from the White House, their battle has shifted to the courts. A U.S. District judge in New York is refusing to block subpoenas from the House Financial Services and Intelligence committees that are demanding access to Trump’s ...

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