Fordham University prof fired after mixing up names of two black students

U.S. 12/13/21, 11:07

A Fordham University professor was dismissed on Oct. 29 after confusing two black students in his lecture and sending a lengthy email explaining the issue. Instructor Christopher Trogan, 46, blamed his "confused brain" when two students were late to class on Sep. 24, as he was reading a classmate's work. “The offended ...

Under National Security Law, Hong Kong education lose 4,500 students

China 12/05/21, 14:37

According to Deutsche Welle's report, the wave of dropping out of school in Hong Kong has attracted the attention of foreign media. A wave of migration broke out in Hong Kong when the "National Security Law" was enacted, and the consequences are constantly looming. According to a newly published research report, ...

Georgia parents warned of ‘dangerous’ TikTok challenges at school

Trending 10/02/21, 05:51

Parents in Georgia are being warned about a list of "dangerous" TikTok challenges circulating on social media that might result in their children being punished, ejected, or even worse. A different challenge for each month of the school year features in a list, which encompasses anything from vandalism to improper touching ...

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