You can’t be ‘anti-racist’ says ‘squad’ member Ayanna Pressley if you don’t want to cancel student debt

Trending 04/13/21, 03:16

A radical Democrat from Massachusetts called everyone who opposes canceling student loans prejudiced against people belonging to another race. Rep. Ayanna Pressley suggested every American, who believes students should be responsible for meeting their financial obligations, is racist. The "Squad" member also claimed nobody should consider themselves a supporter of multiculturalism if ...

Radical left demands Biden immediately cancel student loan debt

U.S. 01/22/21, 18:27

Joe Biden has already taken office as president, and as expected, left-wing sectors within the Democratic Party are beginning to exert pressure to implement his radical agenda. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortéz sent a subtle message on social media demanding the immediate cancellation of student loan debt. Ocasio-Cortéz publicly called on President Biden ...

More socialist policies: Democratic leader reaffirms intent to cancel student debt

U.S. 12/08/20, 17:08

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), speaking to reporters on MondayDec. 7, reaffirmed his intention to forgive the substantial student loan debt even though evidence indicates that paying off student debt is very costly to the state and ineffective in boosting the economy.  Schumer, reaffirmed his position and expressed his willingness ...

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