Lawmakers demand Amazon answer on biometric data collection

Tech 08/13/21, 23:48

Amazon will have to answer questions from a bipartisan group of U.S. senators over its biometric data collection, including its palm print recognition system. Amazon began using its biometric data collection via a program called Amazon One, which allows customers to make their payments through palm print scanning and eliminate the ...

Trump warned: Tik Tok collects biometric data from users

Tech 06/05/21, 16:00

Last Wednesday, the popular Chinese video-sharing app, Tik Tok, announced a change in its privacy policy informing that it may collect biometric data from United States users, TechCrunch reported. This change in privacy policy generates a lot of concern among Americans because the app is mainly used by young people and ...

Illinois has a win over Facebook in $350 million lawsuit

U.S. 03/02/21, 03:58

Facebook users in Illinois stand to gain between $200 and $400 each after the tech giant was ordered to pay a $650 million settlement for illegally collecting biometric data for facial recognition. Although Facebook claimed it had done nothing wrong, in January 2020, it attempted to settle the case for $550 ...

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