Sweden votes for Lofven, ends political deadlock

Europe 01/18/19, 07:24

A center-left minority government led by the current caretaker prime minister, Stefan Lofven, was approved Friday by Swedish lawmakers, ending a four-month political deadlock. The vote in Riksdagen, or parliament, was 153-115 in favor of Lofven, with 77 abstentions. His own Social Democrats and the Greens backed him and the center-right bloc ...

Sweden looks set to end deadlock, keep Lofven as premier

Europe 01/16/19, 05:15

A left-wing party in Sweden says it won't oppose caretaking Prime Minister Stefan Lofven in attempting to form a center-left government after a four-month deadlock to form a coalition.Two center-right parties already have agreed to abstain from voting against Lofven, who then can form a Social Democrat-led minority government, likely ...

Swedish parliament rejects proposed government _ again

Europe 12/14/18, 04:41

Swedish lawmakers have rejected proposals for caretaker Prime Minister Stefan Lofven form a center-left government, more than three months after elections that left the country in political limbo.Parliament voted 200-116 to reject a minority coalition of Lofven's Social Democrats — Sweden's largest party — and the left-leaning Greens.Friday's vote was ...

Sweden’s center-left PM loses confidence vote

Europe 09/25/18, 04:29

Sweden's prime minister lost a vote of confidence in parliament on Tuesday after an election earlier this month stripped him of his majority.Stefan Lofven, the leader of the Social Democratic Party who has been prime minister for four years, will continue in a caretaker role until a new government can ...

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