Stanford clears faculty members in gene-edited baby inquiry

Health 04/17/19, 12:37

Stanford University has cleared three faculty members of any wrongdoing in dealings with a Chinese scientist who claims to have helped make the world's first gene-edited babies.In a statement Tuesday, Stanford said the faculty members did not participate in or ...

Politician’s accuser speaks about issue of sexual assault

U.S. 02/13/19, 02:29

A college professor avoided talking directly about her accusation that Virginia's lieutenant governor sexually assaulted her, but she wasn't shy about publicly discussing her research and thoughts on the growing number of women reporting abuse."One thing that I notice about ...

Virginia politician’s accuser on Stanford sex assault panel

U.S. 02/12/19, 18:41

A college professor who has accused Virginia's lieutenant governor of sexual assault will appear Tuesday at a long-planned Stanford University academic symposium on that topic. Stanford officials said she won't discuss the incident during the sold-out event at the school's Center ...

Stanford probes faculty ties to China gene-edited baby work

U.S. 02/07/19, 15:02

Stanford University has started a review of interactions that some faculty members had with He Jiankui (HUH JEEN-qway), the Chinese scientist who claims to have helped make gene-edited babies.A school official said Thursday a review is underway.Several professors including He's ...

California counterculture writers make Kentucky hall of fame

U.S. 12/15/18, 13:00

They were two small-town Kentucky boys who went to study literature at Stanford University. They ended up at ground zero of California's emerging counterculture with beatniks, hippies, rock 'n' roll and psychedelic drugs.Read "The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test," Tom Wolfe's ...

Could anyone have stopped gene-edited babies work?

U.S. 12/02/18, 09:46

Early last year, a little-known Chinese researcher turned up at an elite meeting in Berkeley, California, where scientists and ethicists were discussing a technology that had shaken the field to its core — an emerging tool for "editing" genes, the ...

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