GeoComm helps dispatchers track emergency calls from schools

Tech 04/08/19, 00:06

If Uber and Facebook can pinpoint the precise location of an individual, why can't 911?That's the question John Brosowsky, vice president of innovation at GeoComm, and his team at the St. Cloud-based geographic information system business are working to answer.After ...

Integrated mental health services help Minnesota kids

Health 01/07/19, 01:06

You won't find "Negatron" and "Optimistic Prime" in the Transformer universe, but for one kid, the imaginary characters are helping improve his mental health.The incredibly relatable and punny metaphor was created by one of Kimberly Christensen's young patients. She's a ...

St. Cloud wastewater plant fueled by beer, byproducts

Enviroment 12/31/18, 16:55

Whenever you dump something down the drain, it goes to the city of St. Cloud's NEW (Nutrients, Energy and Water) Recovery Facility, where nutrients are recovered, waste is treated, and clean water is sent back into the environment.But large-scale beverage ...

Minnesota mother helps other parents after losing child

Health 11/03/18, 01:05

For parents who have experienced infant or pregnancy loss, there never seems to be enough time. Each moment passes too quickly as parents wade through confusion, trauma, grief and disbelief.Stephanie Cone of Sartell hopes she's helped make that transition just ...

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