Long Island man leaves after missing mortgage repayments for 23 years

New York 11/14/21, 16:45

A persistent squatter who delayed repaying his mortgage for decades finally vacated the premises on Nov. 12. Nassau County Sheriff's Office forced its way into the repossessed Long Island home and changed the locks. Deputies hired removalists who spent 3.5 hours clearing out previous owner Guramrit Hanspal's belongings. Hanspal bought the three-bedroom, ...

Unrest in Portland: Squatters and antifa members attack police

U.S. 12/09/20, 09:10

Members of the far-left antifa group, in collaboration with a group of squatters in Portland, violently attacked police when they tried to evict the squatters from private property on Tuesday morning, Dec. 8. The police even arrested several of the violent men but were eventually forced to leave the site ...

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