Potential consequences of spying on the Trump campaign

Politics 04/16/19, 02:44

Actions by Justice Department officials in spying on a Donald Trump campaign adviser in 2016 could be a crime or merely an administrative offense, legal experts say. Crimes could include perjury or misleading a court, they say, while disciplinary action for an administrative offense could mean being fired or losing a ...

Courtrooms to canola fields: Huawei-US tensions span globe

Politics 03/11/19, 04:37

Chinese tech giant Huawei's tensions with Washington, which says the telecom equipment maker is a security risk, stretch across four continents from courtrooms to corporate boardrooms to Canadian canola fields. In the latest twist, Huawei Technologies Ltd. is asking a court in Texas to strike down a legal ban on the ...

China’s Huawei launching court challenge to US security law

U.S. 03/06/19, 21:34

Chinese tech giant Huawei is launching a U.S. court challenge to a law that labels the company a security risk and would limit its access to the American market for telecom equipment. Thursday's announcement comes as Huawei Technologies Ltd., the biggest global maker of network equipment for phone and internet companies, ...

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