90 year-old Star Trek legend William Shatner visits space in real life

Texas 10/14/21, 16:20

One of America's most well known science fiction celebrities left the Earth's atmosphere for the first time on Oct. 14. Actor William Shatner, who played Capt. James Kirk in the original Star Trek series, made a real-life visit to space. He described the feeling of weightlessness and celestial view of the planet's ...

Richard Branson launches in Virgin Galactic rocket to promote space tourist

Space 07/12/21, 21:25

Richard Branson and five others were launched more than 50 miles above the Earth in his own rocket on Sunday to promote Virgin Galactic, which has already secured over 600 bookings for its space tourism flights, with tickets starting at $250,000 each. After rival billionaire Jeff Bezos had revealed on July 20 ...

Update: Tourism rocket ship reaches space on test flight

U.S. 12/13/18, 11:17

The Latest on a test flight of Virgin Atlantic's space tourism rocket ship (all times local):8 a.m.Virgin Galactic says its tourism spaceship has climbed more than 50 miles high, which the company considers the boundary of space.Virgin Space Ship Unity was released from a carrier aircraft over California's Mojave Desert ...

Virgin Galactic aims to reach space soon with tourism rocket

Science 12/12/18, 14:39

Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic is gearing up to finally send its rocket ship to the edge of space.If successful, it would be a major step toward the long-delayed dream of commercial space tourism.The next test flight could come as early as Thursday with the rocket-powered spacecraft soaring high above California's ...

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