4 serious consequences of African countries’ cooperation with China

Insights 02/12/22, 04:32

As China's interests in Africa develop, the rest of the world is starting to notice that China's influence has spread to almost every corner of the continent. In some places, it is even allowed to do whatever it wants.  Researchers from African countries investigated the various ways China wields influence in ...

South Sudan struggles to increase oil production after war

World 05/29/19, 03:53

Oil-rich South Sudan is struggling to increase production of crude several months after the end of its civil war, and the political upheaval in neighboring Sudan is in part to blame.The signing of a peace deal in September helped open the way to resuming drilling in South Sudan's key region ...

Pope says he may add South Sudan leg onto Africa trip

World 05/10/19, 07:30

Pope Francis says he may add a South Sudan leg onto his Africa trip in September if conditions there are "mature."Francis told a visiting nun from Juba on Friday he wants to go to South Sudan as part of his trip but can't promise.He planned to visit South Sudan with ...

South Sudan mourns veteran journalist

World 04/29/19, 19:55

'I remember him as being a fearless journalist who will tell the truth as it is, regardless of what the consequences (are),' says Chaplain Kara Yokoju, head of development communications at the University of Juba

South Sudan measles outbreak raises questions about vaccines

World 04/24/19, 04:08

Despondent, Akon Mathiong points to two small mounds of dirt where she buried her grandsons, 4 and 5 years old, last month. They died after contracting measles in one of the worst-hit areas of South Sudan's latest outbreak."Every time I see the graves I feel like crying," Mathiong said.The family ...

Mia Farrow pursues anti-hunger work in South Sudan visit

World 04/15/19, 04:17

Mia Farrow will never forget the day she watched a baby die in her mother's arms."It was a little girl staring at her mother and finally she just stopped breathing. I just moved away and listened to the mother's cry," the actress and human rights activist told The Associated Press ...

In South Sudan, midwives bring down deaths despite the odds

World 04/13/19, 04:33

Seated in a stifling hallway in South Sudan's main hospital, the midwife recounted the day she watched a young mother bleed to death after giving birth."She died while holding my hand," said Aber Evaline, hanging her head. Her patient was one of more than 40 women who died in Juba's ...

Sudan’s upheaval brings fears for South Sudan’s peace deal

World 04/12/19, 04:51

The military overthrow of Sudan's longtime president quickly has raised concerns about whether the upheaval will destabilize neighboring South Sudan's fragile efforts at peace after five years of civil war. Amid the laughter and applause on the streets of South Sudan's capital, Juba, moments after the ouster on Thursday, there was ...

Sudan leader’s iron grip finally slips amid protests

World 04/11/19, 17:20

He was the world's only sitting head of state wanted for genocide. He lost a third of his country, a quarter of its population and most of its oil resources when South Sudan broke away.Yet Sudan's Omar al-Bashir, who came to power in a military coup in 1989, was able ...

Pope kisses feet of South Sudan’s leaders to encourage peace

World 04/11/19, 13:11

Pope Francis knelt and kissed the feet of South Sudan's rival leaders Thursday, in an unprecedented act of humbleness to encourage them to strengthen the African country's faltering peace process.At the close a two-day retreat in the Vatican for the African leaders, the pope asked South Sudan's president and opposition ...

S Sudan president, opposition to meet at Vatican ‘retreat’

Europe 04/03/19, 06:37

South Sudan's president and opposition leader are expected to travel to the Vatican next week for what the Holy See says is a "spiritual retreat" and opposition officials say is an effort to help implement the country's peace deal.Vatican spokesman Alessandro Gisotti confirmed the visit Wednesday. He said a spiritual ...

7 in South Sudan charged with sabotage and insurgency

World 03/25/19, 11:57

Seven people including South Sudanese academic and activist, Peter Biar Ajak, were charged in court Monday with sabotage, insurgency and possession of weapons for allegedly staging an uprising in South Sudan's main national security prison in October. If found guilty they could be sentenced to death.The men are being tried ...

South Sudan spends millions on cars, homes instead of peace

World 03/21/19, 06:28

South Sudan's committee overseeing the fragile transition from civil war has approved almost $185 million in spending on vehicles, food and home renovations while the country's peace deal suffers from an alleged lack of funds, according to internal documents seen by The Associated Press.As the East African nation emerges from ...

Pope still hopes to visit South Sudan to promote peace

Europe 03/16/19, 07:19

Pope Francis has met with the president of South Sudan and told him that he still hopes to visit the country "as a sign of closeness to the population and of encouragement for the peace process."Francis met with President Salva Kiir in the Apostolic Palace on Saturday. Later, the president ...

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