Seeking to break free from the CCP, India has plans for solar energy

Tech 12/23/21, 04:55

India is developing renewable energy to break the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) monopolistic control over the solar panel supply. As a result, major developers in India have started planning to produce solar panels for their country's demand.  Last month at the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, UK, Indian Prime Minister Narendra ...

Energy shortage slows Chinese economy

China 10/01/21, 20:03

Many signs of an electricity crisis emerged in mainland China. Beijing's power control policy is very strict and unprecedented. Several factories have closed, significantly impacting on the Chinese economy. Mass closures The Nikkei Asian Review reported Apple and Tesla suppliers stopped production at some factories across the Asian country on Sept. 26. Yisheng ...

Texas blackouts could have been avoided through Green New Deal says Rep. AOC

New York 02/18/21, 02:32

A controversial Democrat from New York suggested regulatory action against an environmental theory could have prevented power outages across Texas. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-Calif.) believes the Democratic Party's resolution to fight climate change could have helped the Lone Star State avoid widespread blackouts. The congresswoman claims if the Texas state Legislature had ...

Democrat-controlled statehouses endorsing clean energy

U.S. 04/27/19, 06:39

Soon after taking office, Maine's Democratic Gov. Janet Mills announced renovation plans for the governor's mansion. She wanted to add solar panels. The move was seen as a rebuke to her predecessor, Republican Gov. Paul LePage, whose administration put a moratorium on new wind turbines and enacted policies that critics say ...

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