More young people saying NO to ‘toxic’ and ‘obsessive’ social networks

U.S. 04/21/22, 04:33

According to surveys, many young people reject apps like Instagram and TikTok, calling them "toxic" and "obsessive." As reported by the New York Post, new research reveals a growing anti-app trend among 20-somethings, who say they prefer to take control of their lives.  Gabriella Steinerman is a 20-year-old student who evidenced a ...

Taliban accounts remain on Twitter

U.S. 08/18/21, 05:12

Twitter, which fosters anti-glorification of violence and threats policies, has not suspended Taliban-affiliated accounts and does not intend to do so. According to Newsweek, a Twitter spokesperson said the company was committed to staying watchful in following its regulations, which include those prohibiting the promotion of violent content. But he had ...

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