Facebook Oversight Board full of liberals, tied to leftist billionaire George Soros

U.S. 05/07/21, 06:11

While claiming to support free speech, the Facebook Oversight Board (FOB) that recently upheld the platform's ban on former President Donald Trump has multiple links to George Soros and consists mainly of liberals and so-called “Never Trumpers,” the Washington Examiner reported. With the mission to promote free speech by “making principled, ...

Florida’s bill to counteract the power of big technologies moves forward

Texas 03/16/21, 15:56

The state of Florida has taken a step forward on its legislation proposed by the Republican governor, Ron DeSantis, which seeks to put a brake on the unrestricted censorship system implemented by big technologies. If approved, Big Tech will face costly consequences if it violates Floridians' privacy and freedom of ...

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