Clotilda: Last US slave ship discovered among gators, snakes

U.S. 05/23/19, 14:34

The old wooden ship hull didn't look like much when researchers first saw it: just broken, waterlogged boards and a few pieces of rusted metal, all stuck in the muddy bottom of a bug-infested Alabama bayou where an alligator and poisonous water moccasins swam nearby.Months later, after hundreds of hours ...

UN health agency seeks to halve number of snakebite deaths

World 05/23/19, 11:16

The World Health Organization is publishing its first-ever global strategy to tackle the problem of snake bites, aiming to halve the number of people killed or disabled by snakes by 2030.Nearly 3 million people are bitten by potentially poisonous snakes every year, resulting in as many as 138,000 deaths. Last ...

British fisherman killed by sea snake off Australian coast

World 10/05/18, 04:11

Officials say a British fisherman was bitten by a sea snake while working on a trawler off the northern Australian coast and died before a rescue helicopter could reach him.A police statement said Friday that the 23-year-old man was pulling in a net when he was bitten in waters off ...

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