Random sample of ballots in Arizona reveals 3% fraudulent

2022 Campaign 12/03/20, 12:12

After the large number of complaints filed for voter fraud in the state of Arizona, the Republican Party filed a request to take a random sample of 100 ballots to determine the percentage of fraud. On Wednesday, it announced the results, which concluded that at least three ballots from the ...

Attorney Powell lawsuit: Arizona officials used Dominion Voting Systems to commit voter fraud

2022 Campaign 12/03/20, 02:22

Attorney Sidney Powell, a former attorney for President Trump’s campaign, has sued Arizona officials on Wednesday, Dec. 2, alleging security risks and statistical anomalies created using Dominion Voting Systems in the 2020 elections. Powell claims “massive election fraud” throughout the state and “multiple violations of the Arizona election laws.” “The multifaceted schemes ...

Legal adviser for President Trump reveals a ‘simple tack’ in Powell lawsuit that will overturn the election

2022 Campaign 11/29/20, 05:55

Attorney Sidney Powell filed a 104-page complaint in Georgia of massive election fraud on Wednesday night, Nov. 25. Harmeet K. Dhillon, a legal adviser for President Donald Trump, summarized the key allegations made in Powell's suit. She acknowledged that while some of Powell's major arguments, including hackable Dominion Voting Systems software, thousands ...

Large number of falsified Michigan ballots by poll workers says Sidney Powell, also ‘unambiguous evidence’ Dominion compromised by China and Iran

2022 Campaign 11/27/20, 19:30

Sidney Powell, a leading defense attorney who works closely with Trump campaign attorneys, has hit Michigan with a lawsuit, suggesting to the federal court that due to the huge amount of voter fraud, certification of election results should be blocked, or Michigan’s entire election results should be void. “It is necessary ...

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