Drunk man fatally attacked by shark at Brazilian beach

America 07/16/21, 15:25

A man was killed by a shark while stepping into the water to relieve himself on a Brazilian beach. The incident happened around 2 p.m. on Saturday, July 10, at Piedade Beach in Jaboatao dos Guararapes, northern Brazil. Marcelo Rocha Santos, 51, and another partygoer decided to go into the sea ...

Florida women surrounded by seven sharks on floatie, their reactions are amusing

U.S. 06/09/21, 22:44

A pack of seven sharks surrounded three women on floating a board at Florida beach. Lacey Faciane, Casie Thompson, and Qyuston Eubanks were enjoying their Memorial Day weekend at Pensacola beach on a yellow inflatable lilo when suddenly they heard people started yelling “Shark!” "One boater would yell shark and then the next ...

Cristina Zenato is known as the ‘Shark Whisperer’

Inspired Stories 05/31/21, 23:17

Cristina Zenato has been a professional diver for about 25 years. Zenato is a member of the Explorers Club; her expertise in sharks is particularly relevant for the Caribbean Coral Sharks of the Bahamas. She has a natural capacity to use her touch to lull these eight-and-a-half-foot predators into ...

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