Chinese rebel with the ‘self-unlocking’ movement

Insights 05/24/22, 19:04

After a period of tension because of the prolonged blockade as a measure to prevent the epidemic, the Chinese people began to revolt and found their freedom. The "self-unlocking" movement has broken out in many places with certain achievements. After two months of the highly harsh blockade in Shanghai, with enough ...

Spending $1.71 a month due to the blockade, a Shanghai professor feels disgruntled

Insights 05/23/22, 17:12

The extreme epidemic prevention and control policy has caused many unbelievable but completely true stories in China. Everyday activities have become a luxury for the residents of the cities under strict blockade. The pro-Beijing newspaper Hk01 reported the extraordinary story of an adjunct professor in Shanghai. Recently, Lin Caiyi, deputy director ...

Communist China’s ‘cruel’ lockdown is ‘like a prison’ say residents

Insights 05/17/22, 16:43

Residents compared being locked down in one of the world's most densely populated countries to the penal system. The Chinese Communist Party's (CCP's) pandemic restrictions are so harsh people have started regarding themselves as jail inmates. "It was like a prison," Shanghai resident Coco Wang said, according to Reuters. Wang revealed she is more ...

24-hour cremation: Shanghai funeral home overloaded

In-depth Reports 05/04/22, 13:06

Shanghai began to release the number of deaths among its COVID-19 patients while the strict lockdown continues. Reuters reported that the official data released since April 17 shows a sudden increase in deaths. However, the reliability of those figures is questioned, as they remain far lower than elsewhere. Recently, the Jiading ...

Hell on earth: Screams shake the buildings every night

Trending 04/29/22, 14:31

Shanghai: A series of apartment blocks shaken by the screams every night After a month under a strict blockade, people everywhere in Shanghai are almost desperate. In many residential areas, frenzied screams can be heard every night. Many videos posted by netizens show that people’s anger has reached the extreme. The videoclips ...

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