Sweden: Hormone treatments for sex change in children causes serious harm, research reveals

Europe 11/27/21, 16:26

The Swedish research team, Uppdrag Granskning, revealed that at least 13 children in Stockholm, Sweden, subjected to hormone-blocking treatments to promote their gender change, suffer serious adverse effects and even physical deformities.  According to chief physician and pediatric endocrinologist Ricard Nergårdh, who treats transgender children, the hormones applied to them to ...

Associations of pediatricians sue Biden administration for forcing them to perform ‘sex changes’

U.S. 08/30/21, 19:30

A group of at least 3,000 pediatric physicians, gynecologists, and healthcare professionals sued the Biden administration for forcing doctors to perform 'sex change' surgeries and treatments after the health department included sexual orientation and gender identity under sex discrimination. The American College of Pediatrics (ACP),, along with the Catholic Medical Association ...

Texas: Sex-change surgery on children declared ‘child abuse’

Texas 08/12/21, 17:31

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) has declared that sex-change surgery on children constitutes child abuse, according to Fox News.   The ruling, signed by DFPS Director Jaime Masters, was in response to Gov. Greg Abbott's Aug. 6 request that the agency responsible for protecting children, the elderly, and ...

Father blames school for pushing his daughter to a sex change

U.S. 08/26/19, 13:26

Jay Keck, the father of a Chicago girl, expressed his helplessness and displeasure at the actions of the school his 14-year-old daughter attended. The girl thought she was a man and the school encouraged her to change sex without considering the girl's special situation. The father noted that from a very ...

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