Hunter Biden’s leaked text messages show secret service protection:report

U.S. 04/10/21, 19:03

Data extracted from Hunter Biden's alleged laptop revealed another Secret Service action for the President's son.  Hunter's laptop's content that includes 103,000 text messages, 154,000 emails, and more than 2,000 photos, has been acquired by the DailyMail. It reviewed that the Secret Service was employed as Hunter's guard during his week-long Hollywood ...

Secret Service agent, who served on presidential detail, dies in kayaking accident

U.S. 07/03/19, 17:24

A veteran U.S. Secret Service agent who served on the Presidential Protective Detail died Saturday after her kayak overturned off the coast of Annapolis, the agency said Monday. The agency announced that Stephanie Hancock, 39, who most recently served on the Presidential Protective Detail, died in the accident. “On Saturday, June 29, ...

Chinese woman who entered Mar-a-Lago faces hearing

U.S. 04/15/19, 01:22

A Chinese woman charged with lying to illegally enter President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago club while carrying computer malware could be granted bail Monday, though she likely would not be released as her visa has been revoked. Federal Magistrate Judge William Matthewman will decide whether to grant bail to Yujing Zhang, 32, ...

Chinese woman arrested at Mar-a-Lago set for bail hearing

U.S. 04/08/19, 06:18

A Chinese woman arrested after briefly gaining admission to President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago club will likely soon learn whether she will remain jailed. Yujing Zhang has a detention hearing Monday before federal Magistrate Judge William Matthewman in West Palm Beach, Florida. Secret Service agents arrested the 32-year-old woman March 30 after they ...

Her Majesty’s secret service: Prince William studies spies

Entertainment 04/07/19, 06:57

Prince William, spy extraordinaire? Kensington Palace officials have revealed that William has spent three weeks working with Britain's secret services to understand how the country's security and intelligence services work. He spent time shadowing the foreign intelligence service MI6, worked with the domestic security service MI5, and finally with GCHQ, the ...

State of the Union address routine makes security concerns

Politics 02/04/19, 01:47

It's one of the most sensitive security challenges in America: The State of the Union address puts the president, his Cabinet, members of Congress, military leaders, top diplomats and Supreme Court justices all in the same place at the same time for all the world to see. Protecting everyone requires months ...

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