Environmental group sues over ice seal habitat decision

U.S. 06/13/19, 15:17

An environmental group is suing the federal government for failing to designate critical habitat for two species of ice seals on the threatened species list.The Center for Biological Diversity sued the National Marine Fisheries Service on Thursday for not designating critical habitat for ringed and bearded seals.A spokeswoman, Julie Speegle, ...

At least 60 ice seals found dead along west Alaska coast

U.S. 06/12/19, 19:08

At least 60 ice seals have been found dead along Alaska's west coast and federal biologists on Wednesday were trying to determine the cause.Some carcasses had lost hair and NOAA Fisheries will try to determine if that was due to decomposition or abnormal molting.The agency noted the importance of ice ...

Sound barrier to chase seals, prevent shark attacks debated

U.S. 05/29/19, 13:18

A plan to develop an acoustic system to chase away seals in order to prevent shark attacks is the latest front in the debate about how Cape Cod should respond in the wake of last year's shark attacks.Deep Blue LLC presented the idea for an "invisible fence" to the Barnstable ...

37 spotted seal pups rescued from China traffickers released

Science 05/11/19, 02:08

Animal rights groups on Saturday cheered the release of 37 spotted seal pups rescued from traffickers into the wild in northern China in a small victory for efforts to save the country's endangered species. Humane Society International said the pups were discovered three months ago by police in a shed in ...

Experts report spike in harp seal strandings on East Coast

U.S. 02/26/19, 14:59

Experts are trying to pinpoint the cause of a sharp increase in harp seal strandings along the East Coast.The Portland Press Herald reports about 70 of the marine mammals were found stranded in Maine since Jan. 1, compared to about nine the previous year.Biologists have not found evidence that the ...

Seals invade Calif. beach during federal shutdown

U.S. 02/01/19, 21:01

A colony of elephant seals and their pups have taken over a California beach during the government shutdown. About 60 adult seals and dozens of pups are on the beach of the Point Reyes National Seashore north of San Francisco. 

Update: Reopened national park allows seals viewing

U.S. 02/01/19, 11:07

The Latest on efforts to clean up and repair damage at national parks after the government shutdown (all times local): 9:05 a.m. Tourists unable to visit a popular beach in Northern California that was taken over by a colony of nursing elephant seals during the government shutdown will be able to get ...

Elephant seals take over California beach during shutdown

U.S. 01/30/19, 14:36

A colony of elephant seals took over a beach in Northern California during the government shutdown when there was no staff to discourage the animals from congregating in the popular tourist area, an official said.About 60 adult seals that have birthed 35 pups took over a beach in Point Reyes ...

Study finds robust polar bear population in sea near Alaska

U.S. 11/15/18, 19:42

The first formal count of polar bears in waters between the United States and Russia indicates they're doing better than some of their cousins elsewhere.Polar bears are listed as a threatened species because of diminished sea ice due to climate change. But university and federal researchers estimate a robust and ...

Gecko butt-dials ‘bazillion’ times from Hawaii seal hospital

U.S. 10/09/18, 12:26

If you got incessant phone calls last week from a hospital that cares for Hawaiian monk seals, you were butt-dialed.Or, more specifically, foot-dialed.By a gecko.Marine mammal veterinarian Claire Simeone was at lunch when she got a call from Ke Kai Ola, the Big Island hospital where she's director. There was ...

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