Judge Jackson’s confirmation stalled with a tie vote by the Judiciary panel

D.C. 04/04/22, 18:06

The confirmation of Judge Jackson to the Supreme Court stalled in the Senate Judiciary Committee with a tied party-court vote, a situation not seen since the 1991 nomination of Justice Clarence Thomas, The Hill reported.  The committee's 22 senators, who are evenly split between Democrats and Republicans, voted 11-11 for the ...

Plan to fill Supreme Court with left-leaning justices moves forward

U.S. 05/20/21, 17:10

The commission created by President Joe Biden to study possible changes to the U.S. Supreme Court held its first meeting Wednesday. It has six months to issue a report on reforms, including the possible expansion of the number of justices, an idea touted by liberal activists and Democratic lawmakers as ...

3 Justices point to Supreme Court’s failure to uphold Pennsylvania election lawsuit

U.S. 02/23/21, 16:14

After the Supreme Court dismissed the Pennsylvania election fraud lawsuit, arguing, "it is dismissed as moot," Justice Clarence Thomas noted, "Citizens deserve better," on Feb. 22. The lawsuit was brought by then-president Donald Trump, who provided evidence that state officials had changed election rules, suppressing legislators' powers and thus favoring the ...

Supreme Court ends California’s ban on religious services

California 02/06/21, 15:43

The Supreme Court ruled Friday that California cannot ban churches and other religious organizations from holding services indoors because of the coronavirus pandemic. The decision implies a significant victory for First Amendment and religious rights, although it also specified several limitations on the gatherings. The legal wrangling between the California government ...

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